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During the signup process, all workspaces are set up by default to use the the English (US) locale and the Euro as Currency. In the main settings window, these properties can be changed.

Confirmation amount

In the public booking process the workspace can allow customers to pay a confirmation amount instead of the full price of the trip.

  • Amount This is the amount to be paid as a confirmation, it is then multipliet with the number of adults and number of children in the order.

  • Confirmation day count This is the number of days before the trip departure where the confirmation payment is allowed. For example if this number is set to 10, and there are less than ten days until the trip departs, the confirmation payment option will not be present in the booking process.

  • Final payment day count This is the number of days the order has to be fully paid. This number is used to calculate the ´fully paid´ property on the order when the order is being created.